Limited Releases and Collaboration Series

Our Limited Releases allow us to quite literally go beyond the Pale (Ales) and experiment with new as well as reinterpret traditional styles. And have a bit of fun along the way, of course. Whether it’s playing around with barrels or experimenting with rare Australian native ingredients this limited edition series is designed to let the brewer boys get creative and for you to reap the rewards




Champers in Paradise

Here at Nomad, we have a thing for a lot of things. Sour beers, dry beers, fruity beers and pink beers... so why not combine them all and make a dry, sour, fruity pink beer! Following our previous Champers release we are taking this one to Paradise with the addition of dragon fruit, guava and passion fruit that will tickle your tastebuds and take you to your little corner of paradise, wherever that is!

Mango Oat Cream DDH IPA

Dialing the creaminess up to maximum with the use of oats and lactose then double dry hopped for super smooth tropical juice hoppiness. Throw in a tonne of fresh mango puree and you have it all. Tropical fruits, cream and big bold hop flavours it’s your favorite summer ice cream in a can.

Berry Trip Hazy Sour Berry DIPA

Roll out the purple shagpile as we take you on a berry trip to hop heaven. Combining the fruity Ekuanot and Simcoe hops with a truckload of fresh raspberries, blackberries and strawberries this sour berry DIPA will blow your mind.

"I Remember My First Check-In"

Our friends at Untappd are celebrating their 10-year anniversary and to celebrate, they’ve teamed up with Dogfish Head Brewery to bring you “I Remember My First Check-In” a sour beer that celebrates the craft beer community.

We are excited to have been personally invited to join in the celebrations by Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione and be the First Australian brewery to be involved in releasing our own version of “I Remember My First Check-In” utilising local Australian ingredients.

As we’re celebrating humble beginnings of Untappd 10 years ago, we went back to our roots: brewing a version of one of the first beers brewed at NOMAD, our iconic Freshie Salt and Pepper Gose. We have beautiful pristine beaches as our backyard, so we’ve sourced the principle ingredients from the sea. Collecting seawater and seaweed and combining with local Australian lemon myrtle and dragon fruit to create a bright and vibrant Gose style sour beer that celebrates both Untappd and our gorgeous terroir!

Powder Day Cherry on Top

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, they say! Well Powder Day wasn’t broken that’s for sure, but we wanted to take it one more step towards the flavour summit!

So, we thought we’d add a hint of cherry to the rich chocolate and coconut flavours to combine and make this delicious milk stout even more delicious…is it possible? You be the judge…

One Brew Nation DDH Hazy Pale Ale

Big on hops but low on bitterness this contemporary pale ale is loaded with oats for a soft pillowy mouth feel. Double dry hopped with Vic Secret, Mosaic and Sabro hops that emphasize aroma and fruity flavours. In addition we’ve infused one of NOMAD’s favourite ingredients, rainforest lime to add a nice zesty flavour. It’s got Hygge written all over it!