Limited Releases


Our Limited Releases allow us to quite literally go beyond the Pale (Ales) and experiment with new as well as reinterpret traditional styles. And have a bit of fun along the way, of course.

It’s what makes Nomad Brewing Co. different to pretty much any brewery in Australia. And it means we always have something new to get excited by, worry about, then celebrate and share (usually in that order).

But, like all things limited, we only brew them once so don’t come crying to us if you miss out, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Bleak Season Barrel Aged

Dark Farmhouse ale

This dark farmhouse ale is spiced with cinnamon myrtle and wattle seeds then aged in red and white wine barrels from the Mudgee region. Dark in colour but crisp on the palate with roasty goodness coming through from the spice and barrels

Hooked on a Teeling

Whiskey barrel aged Imperial Stout

Collaborating with our good friends at Teeling Whiskey, we have been fortunate to nab some of their old barrels and age a russian imperial stout to perfection with a fun little bit of funk evolving through the process as well

Choc-Wort Orange


“Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh”

We couldn’t have said it any better Mr. Burgess. Brewed with layers of caramel, biscuit and chocolate malts, the thick malty waves of this imperious Imperial will leave
 your gulliver in a spin!

It’s roasty rich, chocolate sweetness is balanced out by a generous kettle hop addition that delivers a light blow 
of moderate bitterness. Zesty orange peel was also added to the boil for an extra layer of citrus goodness to keep 
the ultra-violence in check.

Without A Paddle


That moment you realise you’re well and truly buggered. Instant sweats, hairs bristling, face like a dropped pie. You’ve done it now hot shot.
We all know the feeling and supping on this Kriek, made with hundreds of kilo's of delicious Aussie cherries, will give you a similar reaction at first.
Except instead of gut wrenching dread, you’ll come away with a fizzing, tingly spring in your step!

The Wild Mongrel


Like all mongrels this beers ancestry is a little mixed. Mummy was the Cruisin' ale who had a long affair with 300kg of shiraz grapes producing a beautiful pinkish, sour fruit ale offspring we call The Wild Mongrel. The Mongrel had a sordid youth mixing with some wild yeasty characters and as a result he developed a complex fruity farmhouse nose. He draws from his mixed ancestry with honey and bitterness from the beer, acidity and fruitiness from the wine combined with the unpredictable influence of the wild yeast he encountered to make him a truly special bastard.

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Cultural Exchange


Like Chopper Read riding a bald eagle, this beer is an Australian/US partnership that brought out the best in eachother in a wonderfully expected way. As with most good beer stories, it started at last year’s GABS. Mutual admiration was shared between sour beer Texan legends Jester King & Nomad Brewing for their unique takes on the Saison style with the smoky sour Gotlandsdricka and the dry & spicy Long Trip. After much flirting an idea was hatched.

Take the Longtrip Saison recipe then add NZ Manuka Smoked Malt and fermented with Jester King's indigenous yeast strains, cultured from Gotlandsricka (cultural exchange, get it?) and as a final flourish age the beer in Aussie Chardonnay and Shiraz barrels for 8 months.

Golden in colour with smoky, spicy & funky wild yeast aromas. Expect smokey honey & woody flavours with a superbly dry mouthfeel.

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Cross Pallet Nation


Created from the cross pollination of ideas between the Nomad crew, Pallet magazine (along with some of their subscribers) and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, this is a beer with flavours pinched from around the globe. Brewed using native hops Vic Secret and Melba and spices like wattle seed and finger lime, Sam added American maple sugar and mesquite malts, while the yeast was smuggled from Birra del Borgo of Italy. The result is a complex amber ale with the perfect balance of earthy smoke, sweet syrup and
firm bitterness.

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Brookvaler Weisse


A Berliner Weisse, straight outta Brookvale! Once considered the Champagne of the North by Napoleon’s troops, this style is traditionally brewed with barley & wheat malts and fermented with brewer’s yeast & lactobacillus to
give it a subtle Germanic sourness!
With our signature Nomad twist, we decided to make a sour mash and added native lemongrass to enhance the grassy and citrus aromas. The result is a hazy blonde brew with a wonderfully tangy mouthfeel and dry finish. Ich bin ein Brookvaler!

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Myrtle's Summer Fling


Exhilarating, refreshing and with a mercifully clean finish, this crisp, 2.8% Summer Ale has all the hallmarks of a perfect Summer fling!
A flirty encounter between Aussie hops, Lemon Myrtle, Belgian yeast & Pale and Wheat malts make this medium body minx your go-to hot weather partner, but be warned, as with all Summer romances, a one night stand with Myrtle could turn into a year round obsession!

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“When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change. The devil changes you.”

When Stone first came to Nomad this was certainly true. Their legendary hop forward know-how gave us the rich, resinous IPA we called AiRyEvil.

But this time, when we pulled on our dancing shoes with the legendary Steve Wagner
to create this spicy, malty Black Rye IPA, we made sure we led! Sure, our diabolical friends smuggled in some Anaheim chillies and US Orange zest but by using 100% NZ hops as well as debittered black, crystal and caramel malts, the SoCal devilish streak was tempered by
an antipodean twist!

Couch Stout


We definitely needed a stout in our range of beers for the colder months, 'cause a chilly, overcast or rainy day just calls for some of the black stuff...
Leonardo wanted to create a 'coccola', a comfortable stout that you can put your feet up to!
Couch Stout is Nomad's interpretation of an Oatmeal Stout, one to enjoy while loafing about on your favourite couch.
Stouts with the addition of oats are generally medium to full bodied stouts and have an unreal smoothness to them from the addition of oats to the mash. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouth feel, but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout.
Couch Stout is slightly roasty, loaded with cocoa flavours and malty with enough warmth and chewiness to make you feel all warm inside but still quaffable enough to enjoy a few while relaxing with your feet up. Sure it's designed to be enjoyed in the cooler months, but still fantastic all year round.

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Super Sonic


As our Anniversary approached, we knew exactly what beer we wanted to make. Taking our finger lime IPA, Jet Lag and turned up to ELEVEN to create a mach speed DIPA version. That meant almost double the hops, the malt and the finger lime peel as well as switching to an American yeast strain to get more of that West Coast Double IPA vibe. And, as we are always keen to experiment and try new things Supersonic was DOUBLE DRY HOPPED for extra hop pleasure.
Malt-wise you're looking at a combination of pale and caramel plus one of our favourite Aussie ingredients to finish it off, the fabulous finger lime.
It's a stone cod, stone fruit/ tropical fruit blast off with a fantastic citrusy zing!

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Our first collaboration with the legendary Stone Brewing (California-U.S.A.) legend Mitch Steele helped us out to create this unique Rye IPA. Mitch's knowledge on IPAs and hop dosing in general is beyond awesome and we were stoked & humbled by him teaching us some of his secrets.

So what about that name? AIR being all things NOMAD style and keeping within the Nomadic theme (air - planes), RYE for the obvious ingredient. Evil for all things Stone and the iconic gargoyle .

Rye is known to deliver a peppery spiciness which you'll find here in abundance, as well as rich, big resiny hop bitterness and linger. It's West Coast styling but with that clean Nomad signature finish.

Berry Cubana


Another collaboration, this time with US hot shots Cigar City. This dark Brown Ale's loaded with tasty caramel, toffee and a slight hint of roasted malts. It was also fermented with a British ale yeast that adds to the malty roastiness! Bit the star of the show has to be the use of the native fruit, the spectacularly named Lily Pilly. Riberries from the fruits were chosen for their their slight tartness and notes of cinnamon and clove. New Zealand and Australian hops were added to add to the complexity and overall balance to this intriguing, tangy, malty but ultimately satisfying brew.