Limited Releases and Collaboration Series

Our Limited Releases allow us to quite literally go beyond the Pale (Ales) and experiment with new as well as reinterpret traditional styles. And have a bit of fun along the way, of course. Whether it’s playing around with barrels or experimenting with rare Australian native ingredients this limited edition series is designed to let the brewer boys get creative and for you to reap the rewards




Okanui Golden Ale

Surfs up for this beaches brewed collaboration with iconic Okanui celebrating Australian surf culture. Think longboards and those flagship hibiscus boardies and now you’ve got the perfect beer to accompany them with this crisp, easy drinking Golden ale. A classic beer for a classic collaboration.

Berry Sour IPA

Blending fistfuls of fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with a fruit hop combination of Azacca, Simcoe, Ekuanot and Mosaic this kettle sour IPA is berry sour indeed. The berries selected enhance the sour and the hops enhance the fruit to give a balanced and refreshing sour berry IPA.

Freshie Fruit Bowl

We’ve done a few limited release Freshies with all sorts of fruit additions. This time we thought we’d ramp it up and add a whole bowl full! So welcome Freshie Fruit Bowl, our take on the classic Freshie but with a heap of fruits like grapefruit, guava, and passionfruit thrown in for your enjoyment. So do as your Mum says and grab some fruit from the bowl or in fact just grab a Freshie Fruit Bowl!

Saltpan Cerveza

Grab your maracas and get ready as we transport you to Mexico with this clean, crisp Mexican-style lager. Brewed with a portion of malted maize for the light blonde colour and body and lightly hopped to produce with a clean, crisp profile. We’ve given it an Aussie twist with the addition of native Desert limes a nice citrus zing and Murray river salt to enhance the whole experience. Crisp and refreshing and the perfect companion for any fiesta!

Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale

Nothing spells Summer more than a beer and Budgy’s! That’s why
Budgy Smugglers and NOMAD have teamed up to give you summer
in a can with this cracking pale ale. Bursting with fruit and citrus hops
with a great clean, crisp finish that will make anyone happy to parade in their Budgy Smuggler’s with one of these in hand. So get the NOMAD Budgy’s on your behind and the Budgy Smuggler beerin your hand and make this the perfect summer!

South Pacific Luau

We’ve dropped a little of the aloha spirit into our south pacific dream by adding the quintessential Hawaiian fruit combination passionfruit, orange and guava (POG). So grab your grass skirt and lei as the fruit and hop combination sends your tastebuds on a tropical journey, and get your hips swaying like a great Hawaiian Luau.

Piccolo Stout

Our love of coffee and beer collide in this lovely rich espresso infused milk stout.
Brewed in collaboration with a local roaster for a fresh espresso hit. Smooth and super

Supersonic Yuzu

A super special limited release Supersonic with Maggie turning Japanese with the addition of the Yuzu citrus. Here at NOMAD we've used the Yuzu before and loved the citrus zing so have combined this with the flavours of the very limited Lotus hops to pack a big, citrusy, fruity punch.

Powder Day

As the saying goes “No Friends on Powder Day” . Double Milk stout infused with coconut and cocoa. It’s snowing coconut in this delicious double milk stout. Rich, creamy and infused with cocoa nibs and coconut Powder Day will transport you to a wonderful snowy place with the crunch of that soft powder underfoot and the warmth of the crackling open fire. Take a sip and let it snow!


The beer is a homage to a celebratory bottle of Champagne as well as Nomad’s method of conditioning which arguably is the reason for Champagne in the first place. The story goes Belgium monks taught the traditional brewing conditioning method to French monks to make the left over wine more approachable by carbonating it. Brut style is certainly the ‘in-beer’ but be prepared for this unique experience! Expect Champers to be an incredibly dry beer, with little to no malt flavour or sweetness. The hop aromas and flavour shine through for a true hop juice experience. Big aromas of tropical fruit, lemon, passionfruit and pineapple. The mouthfeel is very lean and very dry with a spritzy carbonation with very clean hop finish.