Limited Releases

Our Limited Releases allow us to quite literally go beyond the Pale (Ales) and experiment with new as well as reinterpret traditional styles. And have a bit of fun along the way, of course. Whether it’s playing around with barrels or experimenting with rare Australian native ingredients this limited edition series is designed to let the brewer boys get creative and for you to reap the rewards




Powder Day Choc Orange

A Double Milk Stout that combines chocolate malts and creamy lactose with delicious choc orange flavours.

Powder Day Cookies and Cream

Let it snow, let is snow! Powder day double milk stout series combines chocolate malts, creamy lactose with our favourite decadent dessert flavours to deliver a milk stout series that will warm the cockles of your heart and delight the powder hounds in us all!

VERSION: Cookies and Cream

STYLE: Double Milk Stout

ABV: 7.8%

Jetlag DDH IPA - 01

Jetlag is undergoing an evolution that will see it modernise and develop into a DDH IPA series. Each brew is double dry hopped with a different exciting hop combination to maximise aromas and flavour extraction then loaded up with oats for a smooth, juicy mouthfeel and hazy appearance.


HOP COMBINATION - Vic Secret, Citra & Bru-1 Lupomax

Supersonic RØD DIPA

Supersonic is our DIPA series that celebrates the combination of hops and fruits that balance each other to develop exceptional aromas and flavours. Each edition Maggie will fly out to forage and collect what she needs to bring you the next great hop and fruit explosion.

SHOWCASES -Norwegian Farmhouse Yeast

Freshie Margarita Gose

Here at Nomad, we love our beers, but we also love our cocktails. So, with our latest Freshie release it was only right to do a Freshie Margarita. With a salt combo of Murray River Pink Salt and seawater from Freshie Beach, agave and lime we are shaking things up to deliver a beer worth getting dressed up in your fanciest cocktail attire.

Champers in Paradise

Here at Nomad, we have a thing for a lot of things. Sour beers, dry beers, fruity beers and pink beers... so why not combine them all and make a dry, sour, fruity pink beer! Following our previous Champers release we are taking this one to Paradise with the addition of dragon fruit, guava and passion fruit that will tickle your tastebuds and take you to your little corner of paradise, wherever that is!

"I Remember My First Check-In"

Our friends at Untappd are celebrating their 10-year anniversary and to celebrate, they’ve teamed up with Dogfish Head Brewery to bring you “I Remember My First Check-In” a sour beer that celebrates the craft beer community.

We are excited to have been personally invited to join in the celebrations by Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione and be the First Australian brewery to be involved in releasing our own version of “I Remember My First Check-In” utilising local Australian ingredients.

As we’re celebrating humble beginnings of Untappd 10 years ago, we went back to our roots: brewing a version of one of the first beers brewed at NOMAD, our iconic Freshie Salt and Pepper Gose. We have beautiful pristine beaches as our backyard, so we’ve sourced the principle ingredients from the sea. Collecting seawater and seaweed and combining with local Australian lemon myrtle and dragon fruit to create a bright and vibrant Gose style sour beer that celebrates both Untappd and our gorgeous terroir!