Limited Releases and Collaboration Series

Our Limited Releases allow us to quite literally go beyond the Pale (Ales) and experiment with new as well as reinterpret traditional styles. And have a bit of fun along the way, of course. Whether it’s playing around with barrels or experimenting with rare Australian native ingredients this limited edition series is designed to let the brewer boys get creative and for you to reap the rewards




Supersonic Sonic Boom

Flying at the speed of sound Maggie has created a Sonic Boom with this hazy DIPA. On the way she has collected her favourite citrus addition this time, yuzu and passionfruit as well as the tasty hop combination of galaxy, nelson sauvin and experimental hop HPA016. Strap yourself in for the ride with the latest in the Supersonic series.

Supersonic Mandarin & Blood Lime

Maggie is being a bit greedy with this Supersonic deciding that just lime was not enough, so she’s collected some mandarin to add to the native blood lime. Added to these fruits we’ve used a hop combination of mandarina Bavaria, lotus and galaxy that both enhance the citrus aromas as well as add some nice tropical aromas. Loaded with oats and unfiltered to give a nice haze and extra flavour and mouthfeel. We think Maggie’s done a great job again as she forages for ingredients to make this Supersonic just super!

Powder Day Salted Caramel

The Nomad team are enjoying their powder days too much to stop the season so we’re rolling out one more! As the end of season melt begins it is bringing with it rivers of salted caramel to cover the slopes and your taste buds. Packed with chocolate malt flavours combined with sea salt and caramel to bring you a delicious dessert in a can.

Doppio Macchiato

Only one thing gets our Italian brewer going in the morning and that is a good doppio macchiato. The only other thing as important as coffee is beer so the idea was to put the two together to make our head brewer smile from ear to ear…. and we’re sure you will too when you taste it! Teaming up with local coffee roasters Barrel One we have not only added espresso coffee but coffee “bagged” the beer for extra aromas. As with its little cousin Piccolo Stout we’ve added lactose to give that rich creamy mouth feel which combines with the dark roasty malts and added coffee to make this a delicious dark milk stout.

Powder Day Cherry on Top

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, they say! Well Powder Day wasn’t broken that’s for sure, but we wanted to take it one more step towards the flavour summit!

So, we thought we’d add a hint of cherry to the rich chocolate and coconut flavours to combine and make this delicious milk stout even more delicious…is it possible? You be the judge…

One Brew Nation Brown Ale

Rogue is famous for their Hazelnut Brown Nectar and one of NOMAD’s favourite native ingredients is wattleseed for it’s nutty taste. So bring these brewers together and it had to be a wattleseed brown ale. With a mix of Australian and NZ malts the result is a medium bodied brown ale with gentle sweetness from the malts and a nuttiness from the wattleseed.

One Brew Nation DDH Hazy Pale Ale

Big on hops but low on bitterness this contemporary pale ale is loaded with oats for a soft pillowy mouth feel. Double dry hopped with Vic Secret, Mosaic and Sabro hops that emphasize aroma and fruity flavours. In addition we’ve infused one of NOMAD’s favourite ingredients, rainforest lime to add a nice zesty flavour. It’s got Hygge written all over it!

Saltpan Cerveza

Grab your maracas and get ready as we transport you to Mexico with this clean, crisp Mexican-style lager. Brewed with a portion of malted maize for the light blonde colour and body and lightly hopped to produce with a clean, crisp profile. We’ve given it an Aussie twist with the addition of native Desert limes a nice citrus zing and Murray river salt to enhance the whole experience. Crisp and refreshing and the perfect companion for any fiesta!