Core Range

We’ve long been a fan of cans and so it seems are you guys! Since moving some of the core beers into cans we’ve had great feedback from you guys. More versatile and light to carry to those BBQ’s plus the cans are looking amazing thanks to our very talented artist Rachael who’s created these great works of art. They look great but most importantly they are tasting great! And they’ll be here to stay as we’ve invested in our very own canning line so now there will be  great mix of cans and bottles in the NOMAD range




Collaroy Gold

Drawing from our Italian roots, we took inspiration for this beer from the classic Italian Chiara style and one of our favorite Italian brewers from Milan. Designed to be perfectly paired with and compliment any food. A light golden ale with herbal and spiced hop aromas. Light body and slightly fruity on the palate with a mild bitterness to finish. Named after the famous Manly Ferry “Collaroy”

South Pacific Dream

Our take on the classic Pacific Ale style.
Tropical on the noise and low bitterness. This classic Pacific Style Ale, has been brewed as the perfect go to beer for all occasions. Created with a blend of American and Pacific Hops, big on the nose but easy on the pallet.

Freshie Salt and Pepper

Inspired by our local Freshwater beach and the beautiful smell of the evening sea mist. A classic Gose with the Nomad twist. Using real Seawater (from Freshie Beach), then adding a Tasmanian wild pepper berries, then finishing it off with coriander. The result will have you hooked from the second sip.

Beach House Pale

We love a great sour beer at Nomad, but equally we understand that the farmhouse style can be challenging for some. Brewing on the beaches we decided to take our laid back beach style approach and apply it to the farmhouse style. Creating our own Beach House Pale. It’s a super refreshing, crisp, approachable sour pale ale with just a little bit of funk. Dry on the palate but with a citrus zing coming from the addition of Lemon Myrtle and Lemon zest.

Juicy As Fruit IPA

A refreshing and seasionable IPA brewed with the addition of Blood Orange and Mango. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish using a blend of US, Aussie and NZ hops, This IPA is just as intense with a big fruity nose and pallet full of the flavours as you expect in a bigger India Pale Ale.

Jet Lag Finger Lime IPA

2019 edition Brewed with a combination of pale and ale malts, with the addition of caramel malts and tonnes of American and Aussie hops!, including Mosaic and Galaxy
Combine this with the unique Australian native Finger Lime to deliver a fantastic citrusy Zing. A tropical fruit IPA. Like an English style IPA, expect a balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness.

Rosie's Raspberry Sour

Rosie’s headed out to the farm to some super ripe raspberries to add to her Berliner Weisse Sour Ale. Tart and dry on the palate but with an explosion of fresh raspberry aroma and flavour. Rosie is super happy with the result and we are sure you will love it to!