Behind The Artwork

At Nomad, we’re super proud to have a group of talented young local artists and designers working with us. They make our stuff look awesome, they embody the sprit of what we’re about and help give our beers, six packs and cartons their own unique identity.

Our logo

If you look closely at our logo, you will see it’s actually a pencil sketch. We engaged an Italian artist to help with our initial brand designs. The first part being a pencil sketch logo, developed using a fine pencil stroke technique. This was followed by our core brand images. Every image including the pentagon are hand sketched images.

The Pentagon

The concept behind the pentagons on our core range labels is to represent our adventures, with each point representing the 5 major continents and our core range of beers, with the pentagon turned upside down to face down-under.

Our special release art

When we first started planning out our brewery, one thing we wanted to do was to support both the local community and up and coming artists. The intent was to use our limited release labels as a blank canvas for young artists to create new designs in the spirit of Nomad and to represent the concept of our limited release beers.

Our feature artist is Alex Latham. 

Alex Latham is a young, emerging Sydney artist whose work is shaped by youth-culture in suburban Sydney. His imagery explores themes of alienation, anxiety, darkness, uncertainty, frustration, fear, anger and death. His visual language, however, is embedded with dark humour and cartoon like graphic madness. He draws his influence from many artists including Francisco Goya, Edward Gorey, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Shrigley, Adam Cullen, Jason Greig and Ewan Macleod. Alex completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours at the National Art School in Darlinghurst in 2013. He is currently in the process of orchestrating several group exhibitions and creative projects in 2016.

Below you can see the evolution of 2 of our newest beer artworks, and the steps we went through with Alex to select the final design.

For more of Alex’s work head to his Facebook page.

Special thanks should also go to Rachael Walkerden, our in house designer. She takes our garbled briefs and makes anything and everything look incredible.

Choc-Wort Orange


Chocolate and Orange peel in a massive, violent Stout? It had to be a homage to A Clockwork Orange, right? Luckily it's Alex's favourite film so we took the infamous droogs and 'citrified' them!



It started with the name. A journey “Air”, a beer brewed with “Rye” and a little touch of Stone darkness “Evil'
As the beer was an IPA (India Pale Ale) we fused the classic Stone Gargoyle image with Indian native art giving us our colourful, flowing final design.

Freshie Salt & Pepper


A mad idea conjured up in Leo’s head. Brew a classic European Gose by harvesting sea water from our local Freshwater beach. Sounds crazy? tastes amazing!

The logo concept started off with the Iconic “Duke” statue image, a reference to Freshwater beach and the famous statue of the surfing legend that looks out over the beach. It then twisted into the final image of the squid (Salt& Pepper any one?) hugging the Dukes surf board…

Couch Stout


When you think of stouts you think of winter. Winter is the time for hunkering down indoors, lounging in front of the fire, relaxing with your feet up, keeping warm, and of course sipping on a lovely rich and creamy Stout.
When we gave Alex the brief we had an idea in mind already. A number of years ago while visiting wineries in South Australia, we snapped a great photo of Leo lounging in an old arm chair. The initial concept was to recreate his famous pose (think lounging Italian), but after some further discussion, the Nomad Bulldog was born and his place on the couch immortalised.